Optimize Your Organic Game!

July 22, 2020 | Newsletters

Families are cooking more meals at home and paying extra attention to the quality of food they eat. As a result, more and more families are choosing to eat organic. Organic food sales have shot up over the last year, and the trend shows no sign of slowing down.

At Olivia’s, we’re big believers in the benefits of organic food – for our bodies and for our planet. In this newsletter, we’re sharing a few simple tips for getting more organic foods into your diet. Read all about ‘em!

1. Your freezer is your friend 
Many of us envision organic ingredients as being fresh – straight from our grocers produce section or from our local farm stands. But many of the benefits of organic food can be captured and preserved by freezing. Fruits, greens and so many other vegetables and foods freeze really well. With a little prep work, you can fill your freezer with ready-to-go organic ingredients and skip the processed, prepackaged meals or last-minute delivery orders.

2. Spice up your life
While produce, meat and dairy are often at the top of our priority ‘organic’ lists, don’t forget the many great organic options along the inner isles of the grocery store – including seasonings. Organic herbs and spices are more sustainable for the planet and are so good for us. They taste better too!

3. Sneak in some super-greens! 
This timeless tip couldn’t be easier. Simply incorporate a handful of organic greens into every meal of the day. Mashed potatoes? Stir in some spinach! Post-workout smoothie? Kale for the win! Grilled cheese? Just add arugula!

There you go! Three easy ways to optimize your organic game with foolproof tips and fabulous recipes.

Speaking of fabulous recipes, it’s time to announce the most recent winners of our Olivia’s Organics Cookbook giveaway! Give it up for these lucky Olivia’s fans …

  • Beth from Portland, ME
  • C.H. from Falls Church, VA
  • Sherry from Cotuit, MA
  • Choral from Ancramdale, NY

Now’s your chance to win! We’re giving away another round of cookbooks to some lucky readers. All you have to do is share your best tip on how you make eating organic easy. Email your responses to teamolivias@oliviasorganics.org or message us on Instagram @Olivias_Organics!

Thanks as always for making Olivia’s part of your fresh, healthy life. Stay green!
Team Olivia’s

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