Internet Fraud Warning

Internet Fraud Warning

Olivia’s Organics is a 4th generation family-owned business and a top producer of organic tender leaf greens, spinach and celery hearts in the Northeast.

An unfortunate consequence of our prominence is the misuse of our name, brands, and reputation by imposters and frauds publishing fake profiles on social media, making fraudulent calls, and engaging in “phishing” scams seeking personal or confidential information.

Please note that:

  • our only official website is
  • our emails only come from
  • and our only official social accounts are @olivias_organics [INSTAGRAM] and @Olivias_Organics [PINTEREST]

Be cautious about responding to unsolicited calls or opening unsolicited emails that appear to have come from a Olivia’s Organics email address, or engaging with social media accounts other than those noted above. 

If you are or become suspicious of potential fraudulent activity relating to Olivia’s Organics or its affiliated State Garden or Simple Beginnings brands, please contact [fraud] for assistance.

For more general guidance on avoiding internet crimes, visit the FBI webpages on common fraud schemes and recent e-scams at and

If you have any questions about the above, or have concerns about a website, email communication, or social media account that you suspect may be fraudulent, please contact us at