Food Safety and Quality

An Unwavering Focus on Safety and Quality in Every Package

At Olivia’s Organics, food safety is our first priority. We work hard to help better preserve our planet for the future while providing organic produce that is safe, clean and fresh.

We’re proud of our reputation for the highest quality standards for the organic food we produce.

A Stringent Food Safety Program

When you purchase Olivia’s Organics products, you’re buying produce grown by select, qualified, American farmers. Our leafy greens have been pre-screened and tested long before they enter our facility.

Our Farmers

We only buy from the best. All of our growers are organic and GAP certified and must complete a rigorous qualification program. Strict agricultural guidelines ensure that our product is carefully cultivated and is both safe and wholesome.

Field Testing

At the farm, all of our leafy greens are pre-screened for microbiological hazards to ensure no contamination enters our system. Pathogen testing is conducted by certified third party laboratories.


Transporters carrying product from the farm to our facility also follow strict guidelines covering refrigeration, cleanliness, safety, and security protocols. All of our carriers are equipped with temperature recording devices, continually monitoring and recording the environment around their precious cargo. Upon receipt, our Quality Assurance technicians thoroughly inspect every shipment for quality, condition, temperature and potential food safety hazards.

Fresh Making

Our state-of-the-art wash and packaging facility incorporates the latest technologies with the highest standards for food safety in the produce industry. We employ systems studied by NASA, such as environmental sampling and bioluminescent testing.

A Safe and Healthy Finished Product

Our products are packaged fresh daily to fill orders for our customers. All storage areas are secure and maintain an intact cold chain. Every package is labeled and tracked throughout the storage and shipping processes. Packaged leafy greens are re-tested by a certified third party laboratory. The product can’t be shipped to your local market until our Quality Assurance technicians receive and enter negative test results.

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