Cut Down on Cook Time with These Recipes!

June 23, 2021 | Newsletters

Summertime is officially underway! At Team Olivia’s, summertime cooking is all about freshness. We’re scouring market shelves for in-season produce and looking for recipes that don’t require time spent in a hot kitchen. Save your roasts and braises for another season and opt instead for recipes that deliver maximum flavor and freshness while keeping everyone cool. That goes for the meal and the drinks that accompany it!

This week, we’re spotlighting two of our favorite salad recipes, paired with juice-centric beverages that serve as the perfect complement on a hot summer day. Check ’em out!

Grilled Corn & Kale Salad: 
This salad gets its summertime spirit from fresh shucked corn and is a great way to use up those leftover cobs from the weekend BBQ. Add crumbled bacon for a heartier meal, or stick to the almonds to provide a satisfying crunch that’s still verifiably vegetarian.

Pair it with …

Celery Ginger Juice! 
This slightly spicy juice offers a deliciously bright flavor that rounds out this satisfying salad.

Arugula Prosciutto Salad: 
This simple salad is a great lunchtime option or can serve as the starter to a more substantial summertime dinner. This is one recipe where quality ingredients will make a big difference – opt for fresh Parmesan and high-quality prosciutto or dried ham.

Pair it with …

Gin & Celery Juice Cocktail: 
This grown-up celery juice delivers the perfect kick. Whip up your own celery juice, or better yet, pick up a bottle of Olivia’s Organics Celery Juice. Either way, this cocktail is the perfect summertime sipper.

There you have it! Two refreshing and delicious salad and beverage combos that minimize cook time and maximize your summer.

What are your go-to summer recipes? We want to hear about them! Post a photo to Instagram and tag @Olivias_Organics on Instagram or send it to

Thanks for making Olivia’s part of your fresh life. Happy summer!

Team Olivia’s

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