Looking for ways to infuse your meals with flavorful, fresh and healthy ingredients? So are we! Our own Chef Linda Duggan is always creating new recipes that let Olivia’s products shine. The following recipes are for meals simple to gourmet – delicious ideas for all different times of day. Check back often for her latest additions.

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Chicken Vegetable Soup

Categories: Power Greens, Instant Pot, Soup

Use an Instant Pot for fabulous flavor that defies time.

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Split Pea Soup

Categories: Power Greens, Spinach, Soup

Add your favorite Olivia's greens to this classic soup to boost the flavor and nutrition!

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Spaghetti Squash with Greens and Turkey Sausage

Spaghetti squash has fabulous taste and texture and is a great alternative to pasta. Omit the sausage to make this dish vegetarian.

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Power Blend Shrimp Bowl

Categories: Power Greens, Salad, Entree

Salad bowls are all the rage! Let Chef Linda's recipes and Olivia's greens inspire you to create your favorite.  

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Power Acai Bowl

Quick and healthy breakfast!

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Indian inspired Greens with Chickpeas

Categories: Power Greens, Entree, Side

Looking for something new for dinner? This vegan entree is packed with flavor and nutrition - in just 30 minutes.
Recipe courtesy of Chef Linda Duggan

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Turkey Avocado Wrap

Categories: Power Greens, Sandwich

Wrap it up with Olivia's greens. Swap the turkey with eggs for a fabulous breakfast to-go. Fast food made with real food!

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Green Garden Margarita's

Categories: Beverage, Power Greens

Need to whip up a fabulous cocktail for your next Spring Fling? Make it a Green-arita!
Recipe courtesy of Chef Linda Duggan 

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Sauteed Greens with Smoked Paprika

Categories: Power Greens, Saute Blend, Side

Smoked paprika adds a deliciously hearty flavor to these meatless greens.
Recipe courtesy of Chef Linda Duggan

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