Favorite Product

Baby Butter Lettuce

Baby Butter Lettuce

Ken Reagan

VP Sales, Marketing, & Retail

What’s your job title?

VP Sales, Marketing, & Retail

What’s your role in getting Olivia’s products from the farm to the dinner table?

Selling to our existing customers, always looking for new customers, launching new items and ideas for our retailers.

What’s the best part about working at Olivia’s?

The teamwork from all areas of the business!

What’s your favorite Olivia’s product?

Olivia’s Baby Butter Lettuce.

What’s your favorite recipe or #1 tip in the kitchen?

Mama Sue’s Meatballs (My Mother)!

You already shared your favorite Olivia’s product, but you must have a favorite cheat treat! Spill the beans on your favorite go-to snack!

Definitely ice cream!

If you could pick your all-time favorite quote, what would it be?

“It is what it is.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world at the end of today’s workday, where would it be?

Pebble Beach, CA.