Your Valentine’s Day Dinner Menu is Done!

February 8, 2023 | Newsletters

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! Maybe you have a reservation already set at a cute, romantic restaurant. Or maybe you prefer to skip dining out on Valentine’s Day and opt instead for a nice meal at home with your loved one – or the whole family!

If you’re cooking at home, we’ve got you covered. Our V-day menu offers some truly delicious dishes without being too indulgent or too time consuming. Best of all, it works as a romantic dinner for two or a special meal for the entire family. Read on and spread the love!

Spinach Puffs:
Start off with an app that feels fancy but is fairly easy to pull together (store-bought puffed pastry sheets FTW). Tangy goat cheese and earthy spinach in a flaky puffed pastry shell – now that’s a love match right there!

Greek Meat Loaf Muffins:
While you’re in the cheese aisle picking up goat cheese, reach for a block of feta too. It’s a terrific addition to the meat loaf and the accompanying salad. And if you want to mold the meat loaf into individual heart tins to really get into the Valentine’s mood, who are we to stop you?

Easy Fudge with Spinach:
For the finale, we’re going with an Olivia’s Organics classic with this fudge recipe. Chocolate is the ultimate Valentine treat! And you know we just can’t resist sneaking some delicious greens into every dessert.

Gin & Celery Juice Cocktail:
OK, this recipe isn’t for kids, at least the way it’s written. Gin or no gin – it’s the perfect bright complement to this delicious meal. Keeping it non-alcoholic… no problem. Celery juice with a simple squeeze of lime makes a refreshing alternative!

Pro tip: skip the juicer/blender and grab a bottle of Olivia’s cold pressed celery juice for super easy prep.

Voila! A complete Valentine’s Day meal that comes together quickly and doesn’t require a reservation. Now it’s your turn to share. How are you celebrating on Tuesday? Are you using this menu? Opting for some favorite dishes of your own? We want to hear about it! Send us a photo of your Valentine’s Day plans or your spread. Find us on Instagram at @Olivias_Organics or you can email us at

Thanks for making Olivia’s part of your fresh, healthy life. Happy LOVE day friends!

Team Olivia’s

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