Beat the Heat with these No-Cook Meals!

May 31, 2023 |

Question: What’s the best thing to cook when it’s hot outside?

Answer: Anything that doesn’t involve turning on the oven or stove.

It’s probably no surprise that we’re big fans of no-cook recipes here at Olivia’s Organics. When you start with great fresh ingredients, you can pretty easily get away with dishes that don’t require a lot of extra time in a hot kitchen.

This week, we’re sharing some of our favorite dishes from the Olivia’s recipe archive that don’t require turning on the oven or a single burner. Check ‘em out!

Citrus and Kale Salad:
We’ve been OBSESSED with this recipe since we posted it. The combination of flavors and textures just screams summer, it’s so easy to put together, and it looks great on the plate.

Chicken and Greens Protein Salad:
For non-vegetarians, few grocery store pickups are as easy and versatile as a rotisserie chicken. We like to spend a few minutes breaking down the bird right when we get it home. That way it’s easy to pull together quick meals like this one, and you can freeze the bones to make stock!

Power Pineapple Juice:
Smoothies are another refreshing way to beat the heat and cut down on kitchen time. This variation boasts a wide array of flavors, not to mention a few generous handfuls of Olivia’s Organics Power Blend to help keep you full for longer.

There you have it! Three great recipes that don’t require any extra heat or hard work. Now it’s your turn! What’s your favorite no-cook summer recipe? What tips do you have to avoid the kitchen when it gets hot out? We want to hear ‘em! You can email or tag us on Instagram – that’s @Olivias_Organics.

Thanks for making Olivia’s part of your fresh, healthy life. Have a chill week!

Team Olivia’s

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