Favorite Product

50/50 Blend

Olivia's Organics 50-50 5oz

Steve Turner

Service Desk Lead

What’s your job title?

Service Desk Lead

What’s your role in getting Olivia’s products from the farm to the dinner table?

Our team in IT support the end user and systems that allow products to go from farm to distribution channels.

What’s the best part about working at Olivia’s?

It’s the age-old cliché, but it’s truer than true: the people.

What’s your favorite Olivia’s product?

I have to pick one?

What’s your favorite recipe or #1 tip in the kitchen?

Haven’t been in the kitchen in years, but a top tip would be to enjoy your creations and surroundings. Cooking and doing dishes have been considered drudgery where fun opportunities are missed.

You already shared your favorite Olivia’s product, but you must have a favorite cheat treat! Spill the beans on your favorite go-to snack!

Lately, the non-healthy snack has been any sort of chip: tortilla, potato, etc. Although, some of the newer creations like kale, lentil, beet, and bean chips are considered healthy.

If you could pick your all-time favorite quote, what would it be?

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” My mentor, John C. Maxwell

If you could travel anywhere in the world at the end of today’s workday, where would it be?

My next excursion attempt is going to be Italy. My heritage emanates from this Mediterranean paradise and I have to experience it.