Chris Kenney

Favorite Product

Baby Butter Lettuce

Baby Butter Lettuce

Chris Kenney

Manager of Business Systems

What’s your job title? 

Manager of Business Systems

What’s your role in getting Olivia’s products from the farm to the dinner table?

I manage the system(s) which are used to run the business – from purchasing to sales to manufacturing and all the financial transactions and everything in between.

What’s the best part about working at Olivia’s?

The best part of working at Olivia’s is the people – we’re Team Olivia’s but it feels like being part of a family.

What’s your favorite Olivia’s product?

I love the Baby Butter Lettuce!

What’s your favorite recipe or #1 tip in the kitchen?

I’ve been cooking lately with a pressure cooker and I love the convenience.  It’s great when you work full time and don’t have a lot of time to cook.  This weekend I threw in a bunch of fresh vegetables with some tomato sauce, including Olivia’s Baby Kale, and in less than an hour I had a delicious soup that I can eat all week!  It was super easy.

You already shared your favorite Olivia’s product, but you must have a favorite cheat treat! Spill the beans on your favorite go-to snack! 

My favorite food for on-the-go in between meals is dried apricots – they’re quick and delicious and raise the blood sugar level fast.

If you could pick your all-time favorite quote, what would it be?

“The good, too often, is the enemy of the best.”

If you could travel anywhere in the world at the end of today’s workday, where would it be?

Back to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina where I attended a retreat last year – they were so majestic and it was so peaceful being there and there were wonderful waterfalls too!