Summer is Smoothie Season!

June 6, 2024 | Newsletters

Summer is coming up quickly! Don’t get us wrong, we love a nice lazy afternoon in June. But summer can get plenty busy, too. Whether it’s packing for a vacation or simply prepping for a pool day, we often find ourselves in need of a quick, on-the-go meal. Bonus points if it’s healthy and uses some fresh ingredients …

Look no further! We combed through the Olivia’s Organics recipe archive to find some sensational smoothie recipes.

Spring Smoothie:
Few flavor combos top strawberry and banana. Nothing wrong with enjoying this classic in the summertime. Pro tip: If you have bananas that are starting to get too brown, toss them in the freezer and use them in smoothies.

Kale Peanut Butter Smoothie:
Move over, ice cream! This smoothie has all the sweetness of your favorite dessert, but with way healthier and filling stuff. It’s the perfect breakfast on the go or evening treat.

Cherry Bomb Smoothie Bowl:
Smoothies can go in a bowl, too! This recipe gets a flavorful punch up from a host of fantastic fruits, along with frozen cherries and cherry juice. Just don’t forget the chia seeds on top!

Voila! Three super smoothie recipes that are ideal for summer days on the move. Now we want to hear from you. What’s your go-to summer recipe? What are you putting in your smoothies these days? Are healthy juices (like unsweetened cherry juice) the secret to delicious and varied smoothies? Let us know! Email, or find us on Instagram – that’s @Olivias_Organics.

Thanks for making Olivia’s part of your fresh, healthy life. Happy Smoothies!

Team Olivia’s

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