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June 24, 2020 | Newsletters

The summer season has arrived! And we’re so looking forward to beach weather, perfectly ripened garden veggies, sunshine long into the evening hours, and refreshing drinks made for carefree sipping.

There’s no doubt families are spending more time at home, and with summer vacation being a little different this year, many are discovering a passion for whipping up fresh, home prepared meals and snacks. What a perfect opportunity to get kids excited about new culinary skills and eating healthy!

Need a few tips on getting the kids cooking and reaching for that second helping of summer fruits and vegetables? Today we’re welcoming back Alfia Muzio, kitchen organization and healthy eating aficionado. Alfia has made a career out of a love of good food and helping people succeed in the kitchen through her business – Vestal.

Give it up for Alfia!

Welcome back to food writer, small business owner and lifelong lover of food! 

How can parents get kids excited about cooking and more involved in the kitchen? 
My kids are still really little, but I love having them in the kitchen with me while I cook (as long as it’s safe!) For my older child (he’s 3), I love giving him a bowl and a whisk just to play with while I cook and bake. Now he’s starting to help me knead the dough when I make bread, and he loves to see how things transform in the oven. Now that they’re home all the time with me, it’s just a natural part of our day — cooking (and cleaning) together.

What are your go-to recipes to get kids to eat and enjoy their veggies?  
It sounds weird, but my kids like their veggies roasted hard and with a ton of garlic! So we do a lot of roasted veggies that way. Crudités are always a big hit too. If I’m making a salad with dinner, I leave the carrots and cucumbers and radishes in coins or sticks and put the dressing (they call it “dip”) on the side. They’ll eat anything that comes with a side of “dip!”

You’re a small business owner and a mom – how do you find time to cook healthy and delicious home cooked meals? 
I absolutely love to do it, so I make it a priority. But it’s not always easy! It sounds boring, but the key is really in keeping my kitchen organized and having a thoughtfully stocked pantry and fridge. That way when I have a few minutes, everything I need is right there already. I don’t have to dig around or make endless trips out for ingredients.

Thanks again, Alfia!

We’ll have more helpful tips and great advice from Alfia in future issues. In the meantime, what are you most excited about cooking this summer? How do you get the little ones in your life to enjoy their fruits and veggies?  What’s your plan to make this your best summer yet?

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Thanks so much for making Olivia’s part of your fresh, healthy summer!

Team Olivia’s

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