Organic Tender Leaf Salads

Olivia's Organics tender leaf salads are offered in a variety of blends and sizes. Versatile, delicious and convenient, our organic salads are ready to make all your meals a fresh and healthy mouth-watering experience. 

Baby Butter Lettuce

This red variety of butter lettuce has striking bands of green.  It has a smooth texture and a taste to match. 
Available in a 5oz package.

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Baby Kale

Tender baby leaves packed with a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. Add to salads, smoothies, soups and more.
Available in 5oz and 11oz packages.

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Power Greens

Packed with a punch, this power mix is loaded with spinach and kale. Adding robust flavor and nutrition to every dish.
Available in 5oz and 16oz packages.

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