The FDA has cleared romaine sales for product grown in non-affected regions. The guidelines are as follows: The romaine must be harvested on or after November 23rd from areas outside of Central and Northern California. Permitted areas include the Imperial Valley and other desert growing regions of CA, Yuma, AZ and Florida.

So that you may easily determine the source of your greens, Olivia’s Organics will be including the growing region and harvest date on our packaging.

Currently, the Olivia’s items at your grocery store do not contain romaine, but you will soon see Olivia’s Organics Baby Romaine back on the shelves. Baby Romaine will also be back our blends: Spring Mix, Spring Mix w/Herbs, 50/50, and Sweet Baby Lettuce.

Here is an example of the information that you will now find on our packaging:

Thank you for checking in with us and thank you for supporting Olivia’s.