Earth Friendly Packaging

Our organic commitment extends beyond our growing and harvesting practices. All Olivia’s Organics products are sold in 100% recyclable packaging so you can put the container right back into the recycle stream once you’ve enjoyed what’s inside.

Our packaging is BPA free and made from PETE #1 - right here in the USA.

The clamshell containers feature a tamper-evident safety seal and re-closeable top so you can conveniently enjoy crisp, fresh greens day after day. What’s more – the containers are reusable for many applications around the house.

Did you know...

Our container protects your tenderleaf baby greens from bumps and bruises, keeping them fresher longer!

What’s PETE?

  • PETE is short for PolyEthylene Terephthalate and it’s also sometimes referred to as “PET” 
  • PETE is the most recycled plastic
  • It’s lightweight and strong and requires less material to be used per unit of packaging

Color Specific Labels 

We know shopping in the produce section can be time consuming. That’s why we feature clean, easy-to-read, color specific labels for each Olivia’s Organics salad. We make it simple for repeat buyers to find their favorites week after week and for first time buyers to quickly compare our offerings side by side. To see our labels and get more information about each of our products, visit our products page .

What Do The Numbers On the Label Mean?

The numbers in the top right corner of our product labels reveal another aspect of our food safety and quality assurance. Printed just below the “Best By” date are unique, product-specific numbers that allow us to trace back each individual package to the farm where the greens were grown, the production line it was packaged, and the exact time it was packed. 

In the event there is a question about the quality of a specific package, we can know within minutes exactly where it originated from and every component involved in the shipping, washing and packaging phases.