Looking for ways to infuse your meals with flavorful, organic ingredients? So are we! Our own Chef Linda Duggan is always creating new recipes that let Olivia’s products shine. The following recipes are for meals simple to gourmet – tasty ideas for all different times of day. Check back often for her latest additions.

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Chocolate Fudgy Spinach Brownies

Categories: Spinach, Dessert

Add some greens to your holiday treats. No one will believe there's anything but chocolately goodness in there. Gluten and dairy free too!

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Butternut Squash Tartlets

Categories: Butternut Squash, Dessert

Butternut squash nudges out pumpkin in these little loves.

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Butternut Squash Muffins

Perfectly sweet and perfect for anytime of the day, our butternut squash muffins will delight you!
Recipe courtesy of Chef Linda Duggan

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Kale Scones

Categories: Kale, Dessert, Breakfast

Mmmmmm... two of our favorites ~ Kale and Scones!
Recipe adapted from The Joy of Cooking

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Chocolate Kale Cookies

Categories: Kale, Dessert

Go ahead and have another cookie! This recipe yields 2 dozen Kale-icious healthy cookies. Dairy and egg free.
Recipe courtesy of Chef Linda Duggan

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Celery Sorbet with Honeyed Celery Shaved Salad

Categories: Celery, Salad, Appetizer, Dessert

Celery for Dessert?!?!  Um... YES!

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